Why do I not have any upcoming Social Media Posts?

Here is a trouble shooting guide for why you do not have current Social Media posts.

  1. The social streams for your suppliers are set to OFF. Navigate to Settings > Social Media and turn on a social stream. Available scheduled posts for the social stream will appear in Upcoming Posts within 24 hours.
  2. Your supplier has not published any recent scheduled posts. Suppliers sometimes post in batches. Check back at a later time or contact your supplier directly, to see if your supplier has created any new content. 
  3. Your supplier does not publish scheduled posts, but may offer library posts. Navigate to Social Media  > Library Posts to access syndicated content that you can post at any time.
  4. Social posts are not available from your supplier. You can create your own social media posts if social media is an option in your system.

Check out Social Media How To and Features on Zift123 Academy for full details. 

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