How to Use Filters


A filter is a tool designed to examine any input or output request for certain qualifying criteria and then process it accordingly. Filters limit the amount of scrolling required and returns results quickly.

Zift123 supports multiple subscriptions. Multi-subscription is a key aspect of providing efficient digital marketing across suppliers, so you see everything available in the marketing stable by default. The filter display will vary based on the subscription chosen in the Settings Menu. When you are in a My Zift123 subscription, you can filter activities to narrow your focus to a single supplier. If you select a specific partner from the Settings Menu, you will not need filters to narrow the focus since only a single partner's data will display.

Filters are available for each section of the menu, with the exception of Analysis. Filters are specific to Zift123 function area and supplier. The following areas have filters: Campaigns, Web Plugins, Social Media, Collateral, and Contacts.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password

How to Filter Data

  • Filters have two expansion options: the drop down arrow and advanced filters. 
  • The drop down arrow closes and expands to help narrow down the selection of social networks, suppliers, and post topics. 
  • The advanced filters close and expand to narrow the selection of tags creating unique filters. 
  • When more than five filters are available, the option for Show All will display. Show All expands to display the complete list of available options. The options are defined when your system is set up and can be changed if needed.

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