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What is a workflow? How is it different than a standard campaign mailing?

An email workflow is series of automated emails that will be sent — or not — based on a person's behavior or criteria. With workflows, you can trigger emails based on your recipients' actions.  This allows you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Workflows can be set up in two ways; they can be part of a campaign or a published workflow can be added to an existing campaign. In either case, administrator access is required for the initial setup. 

Most workflows are based on action triggers, such as clicking on a link or submitting a form. In these cases, emails in the workflow are triggered automatically when your contact clicks on a previously-sent email, submits a form, or takes another specified action within the workflow. Action-triggered workflows calculate the send time of each email based on the send time of the previous email in the series. Workflows use your operating system time when calculating times. So you don't need to do anything to schedule them!

FYI: Zift services processes workflows every three hours. Any steps less than three hours between steps will have adverse results and is not recommended. 

An example of a simple, action-triggered workflow:

Some workflows are event-based. In these cases, workflow mailings are delivered at specific times based on an event - the week before, the day before, etc.

An example of a simple, event-based workflow:

These are just examples.  Your workflow will vary in steps, conditions, and triggers, depending on the nature of the workflow. To see the steps of your particular workflow — and the various scenarios that can trigger the next mailing to be sent — go to the Steps page of your workflow.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:


Complete the following tasks associated with workflows:

  1. How to Activate Your Workflow
  2. How to Personalize Your Workflow
  3. How to Select Participants
  4. Before You Turn the Workflow On
  5. How to Turn Your Workflow On

How to Activate Your Workflow

Activating a workflow makes it available for use with a campaign.

To activate a workflow

  1. From Campaign > My Campaigns, select campaign.
  2. Select the Workflow within the campaign.
  3. Activate it.
  4. On the Snap Shot Dashboard, note the green play button. The green arrow indicates that the workflow has been activated. It does not mean the workflow has started.

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How to Personalize your workflow

  1. You will see a message indicating that the workflow requires attention on the Snap Shot Dashboard.
  2. Select the action that says Correct This. The following page will guide you through all the steps that require completion before the workflow can be turned on.
  3. Personalize the emails within the workflow.
  4. Send yourself a test email to review the workflow and emails associated with it.


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How to Select Your Participants

After personalizing your workflow emails, you'll need to set the contacts that will participate in your workflow.

  1. Select Participants in the left-hand sidebar menu to get started.
  2. Select rules for who will join the workflow. For just a general list selection, use the fields Contact Fields, In Contact List, Is, and then select the list you want to include for the workflow.
  3. Additional segmentation can occur based on lead scores, email opens, opportunity values, and custom list segments. (For more information on using membership rules in your contact lists, please click here.)
  4. Select Save and Done.


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How to Edit Before Turning the Workflow On

Now that you have designed and saved the workflow, you may want to make edits. You can add a program name, add a sender name, add a sender email, or reply to an email when editing the workflow.

  1. Navigate to the Snap Shot Dashboard.
  2. Select Edit

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How to turn your workflow on

Once you turn your workflow on, your participants are eligible to receive emails immediately. Please be sure that your workflow emails and participant rules are set before turning your workflow on!

  1. The workflow will remain in a paused status until you manually turn it on.
  2. When you are ready, change the On/Off button in the top right to OnYou will know that your workflow is working properly when you see the green spinning gear.

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