What is a Tweet Bucket?

The Zift123 Tweet Bucket allows you to collect interesting articles and social posts from all over the internet and store them in one central location to be used at a later date. 

Why use a tweet bucket?

Spend any amount of time on the web and you're sure to see the tweet button that allows you to share content on Twitter. With the Zift123 Tweet Bucket, you can use the tweet button that appears on web pages to capture a social post from a source and drop it into your connected social accounts. You can also track this tweet through the Zift Analytics platform.

Please see Setting up your Tweet Bucket for a comprehensive set-up.

  1. Create a new Twitter account and do not allow it to be followed.
  2. In Zift123, go to Social Media > Settings. If you have linked your company Twitter account, a message will appear regarding the Tweet Bucket feature. 
  3. Enter your new Twitter account in the Tweet Bucket account name field. Do not include the @ symbol in your account name! Click Apply.
  4. Once our servers have processed your Tweet Bucket request, you'll see a notification on your Twitter account home page that you have a new follower request.
  5. Accept the follow request from Zift Solutions so that we may provide technical support if necessary.
  6. Now, send tweets to this account through all of the normal means that you already use – through the web or through other social posting programs. These tweets will be pulled out of this account, automatically scheduled for the next available optimal time slot, and sent back out through your linked social accounts.


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