How to Set Up Social Streams

This feature is not available in all solutions.  For more information, contact your supplier point of contact. 




Supplier- and partner-generated social content help you develop social media presence to build, mix and promote business engagement. Learn More About Social Media.

Social streams are a compilation of the Zift123 user’s social media accounts that are connected to their Zift123 account, the social post topics, and the way each post is configured to deploy. Some suppliers offer a single stream, while others break their social content by product or topic. You can turn content off and on depending on product or topic.

Set your own approval level of scheduled posts:

  • Auto-publish - Posts will automatically publish to your social media accounts on the dates and times established by your supplier.
  • Requires approval  - You will receive an email whenever new content is available. It will prompt you to sign in and approve before the content is sent out to your social pages.
  • Ignore - not interested in this stream.

You can set up social streams in Social Media Settings.

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