What are the Statuses of Orders?

The statuses are as follows:

Pending Quotes Submitted by partners and available for applicable agencies to submit quotes for the FSA
Pending Approval An order submitted by the partner and is waiting to be approved or rejected. The order does not require requesting quotes from agencies.
Approved A quote submitted by the partner that is approved. This is the first status where the agency is aware of the order by the partner. Notifications are sent to partner, agency, and others specifically requested.
Not Started The status is considered Not Started when the order has been approved but not yet executed by the agency. You will receive notification when work begins.
In Progress The agency has started working on your order and will notify you if you need to take action.
Waiting for Partner The agency is not working on the project but is waiting for you to provide information so they can complete the work.
Scheduled The agency has completed all work on this order and has scheduled it execution
Executing Your order activity is currently executing and collecting stats.
Complete The status the agency sets on an order to indicate they have finished work.
Cancelled Both the partner and agency have an opportunity to cancel the order. The partner may decide not to accept the quote from the agency. The agency may decide not to participate in the quoting process. Either party may decide to cancel for various reasons. 
Archived The agency archives the order after it is completed or cancelled. Archiving the order removes it from the Manage Orders view.


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