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Zift123 scores contacts, leads, and campaigns based on user interactions with campaigns and user's websites. As prospects and users interact with your marketing activities, they will generate points based on activity type. We call this a score. These points will indicate the level of interest a user (or prospect) has in the product or service being offered.

Scoring allows the supplier to configure the level of importance of different contact (or prospect) interactions with marketing activities during set-up. In most cases, there is a minimum number of points needed before a contact is considered a lead and worthy of additional consideration. The default is 50 points. Your threshold may have been set differently. Points are defined by the supplier during Zift123 set-up into three categories. Here is an example score threshold: minimum (15 points), hot (50 points), and very hot (150). It is important to note that a partner’s contacts and leads can accumulate points from multiple suppliers.

Zift123 tracks three types of scores: contact, lead, and campaign.

  • Contact score is the sum of lead scores associated with a particular contact. The higher the level of activity or points, the more likely the contact is to be a well-qualified lead. Contact scores diminish over time because a lead is less valuable with age.GIFContactScore.gif
  • The lead score is a point value assigned to a contact when they interact with a single campaign. The higher the quantity and quality of activities or points, the more likely the contact is to be a well-qualified lead. Leads scores dimish over time. GIFContactLeadScore.gif
  • Campaign score is a lead score without consideration of age. Campaign scores do not diminish over time. This provides flexibility for the analyst to understand the highest point value given to a contact in a single campaign.GIF_CampaignLeadScore.gif

Some common actions scored are:

  • Email Open = 3 points. An email open is a unique open of all the mailings associated with a listed email. 
  • Email Click/View = 10 points. An email click or view is when a user clicks on a link in an email sent from Zift123. 
  • Landing Page View = 15 points
  • Landing Page Click = 15 points. A landing page click is when a recipient clicks on a link appearing on an embedded plugin or uploaded microsite. These clicks "count," even if the same IP address, and not unique clicks, clicks more than once on a link.  
  • Call to Action Conversion = 50 points. This column records the number of clicks on links in website plugins that result in recipients clicking on the Call to Action (CTA) in an email or responding by clicking links in website plugins. Ideally, items identified for conversion tracking are high value and signify a lead is hotter than a standard link. Conversions are intended to take the place of form submissions and give a comparable lead score value.  
  • Distributed Lead = 50 points. This column records the number of points when a lead is distributed from the supplier to a partner. The 50 point score is assigned to the lead when the lead is accepted by the partner.
  • Form Submission = 60 points. This is when someone has received an email, clicked the email, and completed the form associated with the email click. The forms are typically information forms requesting name, address, and email.


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