How to Register Leads with Suppliers




Partners nurture and qualify leads through marketing and sales activities. Zift123 enables visibility and tracking across the lead lifecycle. Qualified leads are a valuable resource that often ends in the sale of a product or service.

Contacts that the partner registers with their suppliers for the purpose of sharing contact information for potential sales are called Registered Leads. Registering a lead notifies the supplier that you are working with a particular customer and may result in additional support from the supplier during the sales cycle. 

Lead Registration Details

  • Your supplier may require this data. If the data is required, you will not be able to complete the registration until all the fields are complete.
  • A contact can be registered with your supplier once.
  • Registering a lead for a previously registered contact will produce an error.

You can register a lead from either Contacts or the Lead detail page.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:


Complete the one of the following to register a lead with your supplier.

  1. How to Register a Contact as a Lead with your Supplier
  2. How to Register a Lead with your Supplier

How to Register a Contact as a Lead

  1. From Contacts, select Contacts.
  2. Select a linked contact name from the list.
  3. On the contact details page, select Register as Lead.
  4. Complete the lead registration form. Suppliers design the lead registration forms so the content is unique to each partner. Some fields may be required. The lead will not be registered until all required fields are completed.
  5. Select Register

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How to Register a Lead 

You can also register a lead. Remember the difference between a lead and contact is the amount of interaction with marketing materials. See About Contacts and Leads

  1. You can find leads in your Messages or via your email inbox.
  2. When viewing a lead, select Register as Lead.
  3. Complete the lead registration form. Some fields may be required by your supplier. The lead will not be registered until all required fields are completed.
  4. Select Register

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