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Staying in touch with your customers is an important part of any marketing plan. The contact database is made up of individual contacts that represent an individual person or business and contains specific contact information. This information includes each contact's name, address, city, state, and phone number.

With Zift123, you can target specific segments of your existing contacts to create contact lists. Once your list is built, you can deliver content using campaign activities such as email and print media. Created lists are available for reuse and may be used as the basis for new lists.

You can configure your account so that only contacts who have been marked as Authorized to receive communications will receive emails you send from Zift123. This is a best practice for creating clean GDPR compliant mailing lists. Learn more about Sender Permissions and Best Practices for Contact Lists.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password


How to Set Up Global Opt-In for Contacts

  1. Update Settings > Company Profile > Opt-In Authorization. Opt-in authorization is required for a contact to be sent an email requesting they opt-in to your mailings. When this setting is On, a new menu option is available, Contacts Opt-In Authorization
  2. Update Confirmation Email with personalized information.
  3. You now have new fields on Contact Lists > Selected Lists >  List DetailsImport Contacts.
    1. Opt-In Authorization with a status of Active.
    2. Send the opt-in authorization email to all new contacts in the file. Contacts will be listed as Pending until they respond. If they select "Yes," they will receive emails in the future.
    3. Add new contacts and do not email them. The status will be pending. No email is sent until you take additional action to opt-in your contacts.
  4. From Contacts > Contacts, you will have a new filter in Contacts called Opt-In Authorization. The filter will allow you to see your contact lists based on the authorization status as shown below
    1. Authorized for All Communications - Contact authorizations are on a list-by-list basis.
    2. Selected Communications - Authorized for selective communications. 
    3. Do Not Contact - Not authorized for communications.

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