Settings: How to Set Up CRM Connection

Important: Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact. 


Zift123 CRM Settings has four sections: General CRM ConnectionUsage Profile, and Advanced General Options.

  • The General section contains limited information that includes the CRM type, supplier name, and how to record leads.
  • The CRM Connection settings feature the CRM username, password, and security. This information is gathered from the CRM.
  • The Usage Profile determines how Zift123 will handle your Marketing Automation leads with Advanced Marketing Automation Options  and Lead Distribution leads with Advanced Lead Distribution Options.
  • The Advanced General Options apply to all leads in the Zift123 account, regardless of their origin.

In this article we will cover CRM Connections.

CRMs have different ways of connecting to Zift123.

  • Salesforce and ZoHo provide security keys.
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Saleslink, and SugarCRM require a WSDL URL. The information will be obtained from the CRM and will be entered in the Connection Settings for the individual CRM

Follow the directions below for either Security Key or WSDL URL to set up your CRM Connection Settings.


Take the following steps to connect your CRM to Zift123:

  1. How to Add a Security Key to your CRM Settings
  2. How to a Add Data Center Location for Zoho in the CRM Settings
  3. How to Add a WSDL URL to your CRM Settings

How to Add a Security Key to your CRM Settings

  1. From  Zift123 > CRM Settings, select Add new CRM Integration.
  2. Select CRM from the drop down list.
  3. Complete the General Settings with supplier and how to record leads.
  4. Continue with the CRM Connection Settings using your CRM information and the security token. Some CRMs will email the token to you.
    1. Supplier - When information is pulled out of your CRM, it will be associated with this supplier.
    2. Record leads in CRM as - When leads from Zift123 are created in your CRM, they will be created as either leads or contacts based on this setting.
    3. Username - The username for the CRM user.
    4. Password - The password for the CRM user.
    5. Data Center - Currently only required for Zoho. Enter the data center location. Zoho has locations in China, Europe, and all others including North America.
    6. Security Key - See the individual CRM for how to retrieve the security key.
  5. Continue with the Usage Profile.

How to Add a WSDL URL to your CRM Settings

  1. On the Zift123 home page, click the drop down arrow beside your name, select Settings.
  2. From Zift123 > Settings, select CRM Settings.
  3. Select your CRM from the drop down list if it is not already setup. If it is already setup, select Edit Settings for the CRM.
  4. Complete the General Settings with the supplier and how to record leads.
  5. CRM Username - Enter your CRM username.
  6. CRM Password - Enter your CRM password.
  7. Continue with the CRM Connection Settings
  8. CRM Organization WSDL URL. These fields vary based on your CRM.
    1. Enter the Organization Service URL that you copied from your CRM. Note: You must add /web to the end of the URL.
    2. OData - Capture the URL from Organization domain, and replace "Organization.svc/web" with "OrganizationData.svc/"
    3. NTLM authentication - Enter the domain name of your user account.
      1. Your user name may appear like "zift\admin", remove the prefix and add the value without a forward slash into this field.
      2. ex) value to add would be "zift"
    4. Organization Dropdown Name - This field is only for organizations that have multiple groups. unless you're confronted with a dropdown when you log into Microsoft Dynamics, you may leave this field blank.
    1. Enter the Username. Note: If you are testing in a sandbox environment prefix the user name with test: as show in the image.SalesforceSandboxUserName.png
    2. Enter your password.
    3. Add your security key.
    4. Save and test the CRM Connection.
    1. Example: MS Dynamics
    2. Example: Salesforce
    3. Example: Sugar CRM 6.0.1 or higher
      1. Enter the Username
      2. Enter the Password 
      3. Enter the WSDL URL as shown in the image and example2017-05-17_CRMConnection.png
      4. WSDL explained -


        1. In the space shown as {sugar_url}, enter your Sugar URL.
        2. In the space shown above as {version}, enter the version you are currently using.
        3. For Zift Solutions it would look like this,
      5. Save.
      6. Test the Connection.
  9. Continue with the Usage Profile.
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