Whitelist, What is It?

A Whitelist is a list of people that you will accept email from. Email marketers encourage email recipients to whitelist them so that their emails will not be considered spam. To whitelist, a marketer, add the marketer as an email contact.

Zift123 users sometimes report having difficulty receiving Zift123 platform emails, especially test emails. Test emails are sent from a non-whitelisted server. Consider asking your network administrator to whitelist emails from Zift.

Here is how to whitelist Zift.

  • Ask your network administrator to whitelist these sending domains: is for test mailings and is for production campaigns.
  • Alternatively, your network administrator can add the following TXT record to your DNS: clientdomain TXT "v=spf1 ~all" 
  • If your network administrator prefers to whitelist our emails by IP address, contact so we can provide you with the latest IP list. Keep in mind this method requires regular upkeep.

Learn more about Best Practices for Contact Lists.


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