What are the different types of Digital Ads supported by Zift123?

Zift Solutions supports three types of Digital Advertising. 

  1. Paid Search  - These ads appear when your potential customers type in a search query on Google and Bing. You can target users living geographic areas as well. This type of advertising works well to attract users who are actively in-market for those products and services.
  2. LinkedIn Sponsored Content - These articles, company updates, and other content posted to your LinkedIn company page are promoted to the wider LinkedIn member community. You can select users by company, industry, job title, location, job function, and more to create a new audience for your content. This works well for targeting early-stage buyers and new potential customers.
  3. Re-targeting -  These graphical display ads "follow" users who have visited your site at some point in the past and direct those users back to a page on your site. You can serve different types of ads based on the sections or individual pages the users have visited. A re-targeting campaign can also be augmented with contextual, direct-placement, and in-market audiences to further expand your reach. This type of advertising is the most economical and wide-reaching of the three types and is useful for targeting buyers ready to make a purchasing decision.

With all three of these types of advertising, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. This "pay-per-click" (PPC) model is very cost-effective, because you can quickly see which ads are driving the best results and modify your campaign to focus on those.

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