Autotask: How to Setup the Integration

Important: Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.


Autotask PSA is available as a partner configurable connector within Zift123. The connector pulls standard Zift contact fields from partners' Autotask PSA to be used for marketing purposes in Zift123.

Zift123 CRM Settings has four sections: General CRM ConnectionUsage Profile, and Advanced General Options.

  • The General section contains limited information that includes the CRM type, supplier name, and how to record leads.
  • The CRM Connection settings feature the CRM username, password, and security. This information is gathered from the CRM.
  • The Usage Profile determines how Zift123 will handle leads from both marketing automation and lead distribution.

How It Works

  • Contacts
    • Active contacts with valid a email address, will flow from Autotask into Zift123 on a nightly basis when the connection is "live".
    • Standard contact field information includes first name, last name, company, title, work phone, mobile phone, email, address1, address2, city, state, and country.
    • You can access the contact list in Zift123 at Contact > Contact Lists > Autotask All Contacts. The list name can be edited by clicking on the hyperlink.
    • Contacts edited in Autotask will be updated in Zift123. 
  • Opportunities
    • Basic opportunities are sent to Zift123 from Autotask on a nightly basis.
    • The opportunities are associated with a  lead/contact by email address. Once the opportunity is in Zift123 none of the standard information should be updated or modified in Autotask.
    • Opportunities that are pulled into Zift123 will have a lead score threshold set at 50.
    • Opportunities will include standard opportunity fields such as name, close percentage, value, close date, and description.

How to Connect to Autotask

Take the following steps to connect your CRM. Contacts will be imported from your CRM and included in a list of all contacts with an email address.

  1. On the Zift123 home page, click the drop down arrow beside your name, select Settings.
  2. From Zift123 > Settings, select CRM Settings.
  3. Select the PSA from the drop down list if it is not already setup. If it is already setup, select Edit Settings for the CRM.
  4. In the General Settings, select the Supplier from the drop down list.
  5. In the CRM Connection Settings, enter your Autotask API information.
    1. Enter the username that you use to log into Autotask.
    2. Enter the password that you use to log into Autotask.
  6. Enter the base URL seen after logging into Autotask. Example:
  7. In the Usage Profile Settings, select Marketing automation.
  8. In the Advanced Marketing Automation Options > Contacts
    1. Check the box for Pull Contacts.
    2. Select one of the Opportunities options: Marketing Automation or Lead Opportunities to Supplier
  9. From Advanced Lead Distribution Options > Opportunities, select one: Opportunities with a contact that matches a lead in Zift123 or None.
  10. Select Save.
  11. Test the Connection.2018-07-30_testCRM.jpg


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